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Steal this idea: Muffins with mom

Invite parents to have breakfast with students.
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We partner with our PTSO to offer a muffins with mom and donuts with dad breakfast. We set up the breakfast line for the kids and put the parent option on top of the line for them to choose from. The kids still get their reimbursable meal, so we take their lunch numbers just like it was any other breakfast.

We don't charge the parents anything, nor do we do anything that is not something the kids wouldn't have on the menu. That way, the parents get to see what is offered to the kids and that we serve some pretty good food. … Parents sometimes realize that the kids can eat breakfast with us for cheaper than they would at home and the food tastes great, so we do end up with a few more regulars. 

Toni Jackson
Cafeteria Manager
Campbellsburg Elementary
Campbellsburg, Ky.

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