Steal This Idea

Gain inspiration from your colleagues by "stealing" their ideas.
Steal This Idea

Spotlight a fruit of the day

One operation highlights rotating produce daily to encourage students to eat it.

Steal This Idea

Host meals from home

A healthcare operation invites employees to cook meals from their families' repertoires.

A college operation has students pick ingredients to be used in a group dinner.

To boost retention, a healthcare operation shares a multistep orientation document with new employees.

A college operation created a unique LTO to drive student interest.

One operation transforms the rotisserie station into a steakhouse.

A college operation has staff portion animal protein, while students can take as much produce as they want.

A college operation attracts more students by focusing on the flavors in meatless dishes, rather than what's missing.

Here's one way to see what your potential customers are eating.

A medical center has reduced its waste with a multi-pronged approach.