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Bianca Herron is a digital editor at Restaurant Business. Prior to joining Restaurant Business, Bianca was editor of two real estate publications, the Illinois Real Estate Journal and Chicago Industrial Properties. Previously, she was a reporter for the Chicago Defender Newspaper. Bianca studied Mass Communications at Tennessee State University, and currently resides in the south suburbs of Chicago. 

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Where have all the diners gone?

The high quality of food served on the UMass campus means students aren’t visiting neighborhood eateries as frequently as those businesses might like.


Finding a work-smartphone balance

Regulating employees’ smartphone use might make operators feel like an overbearing parent, but it’s becoming a necessary evil of the workplace.

The legislation, which now advances to the House floor, also raises the admission standard to 60 percent for the Community Eligibility Provision.

UC-Berkeley, Yale and Vanderbilt were among the winners named at the association’s 2016 Loyal E. Horton awards.

Unorthodox equipment is making its mark on catering, with some operators finding that creativity doesn’t have to be a budget-buster. Goodbye, chafing dish.

FoodService Director spoke to operators from across noncommercial foodservice to gather their top tips on getting the most out of conferences and events.

The upgrades include a farm-to-table program at one of the park's restaurants and an on-site barbecue option at another.

The university is also Tennessee's first to receive the sustainability designation given by the U.S. Healthful Food Council.

The university’s vegan crab cakes with remoulade have been named the best vegan meal by the association.

The event, created in partnership with the French Department of Agriculture, highlights healthy choices and the inclusion of produce in school meals.

Northwestern’s sustainability options include using recyclable cutlery and drinkware, and having volunteers collect and compost materials on-site.

Officials say it’s the first of its kind on a college campus.

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