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Five Star Senior Living wins award for celebrity chef program

The national senior living provider received a Best of the Best Award from the Assisted Living Federation of America for its celebrity chef program.


Michigan School Wellness Awards recognize 24 schools

This year's winners achieved and excelled at no-cost physical activity opportunities before and after school, universal breakfast, school gardens, tobacco-free environments and physical education, among other things.

This week, The Urban School Food Alliance, a coalition of the six largest school districts in the United States, will feature fresh fruits and vegetables in school meals and encourage students to make healthy choices.

Foodservice facilities will now have more information about the products they are buying, as well as cooking instructions to safely prepare them.

The vendors are trying to collect a debt totaling $10.7 million from South Carolina State University.

Republican lawmakers seek changes to the program after the USDA reports nearly $2.7 billion in improper payments during the 2012-2013 school year.

Deedra Hoffart, Tony Almeida and Timothy Gee are the recipients of three prestigious awards to be presented at AHF’s conference in Salt Lake City.

The new practices will extend to operations and growers outside of the United States.

Sodexo said it will support the Environmental Protection Agency’s food recovery program by sharing its waste reduction strategy, resources and expertise across the 9,000 sites it serves in North America by 2020.

With the reauthorization process beginning, the association of school FSDs asked for more funding, flexibility and discussion of the regulations’ true impact.

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