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School lunch proposal raises breakfast reimbursement—and CEP admission standard

The latest House of Representatives proposal to reauthorize the school lunch program is a mixed bag for school feeders.


University of Dayton to invest $7M to upgrade dining options

Plans include creating a micro-restaurant that will serve authentic Asian food to meet the demand of its Chinese student population.

Sodexo named the Florida school a top-five university for dining satisfaction among colleges that partner with the foodservice provider.

Details about nutrition and ingredients are the information most desired by more than half of students.

The increase will phase in starting Jan. 1.

The program did not appear to boost students’ academic achievement, despite advocates’ hopes, officials say.

The fines—which could equal up to 10 percent of the total amount schools are reimbursed for lunches—are intended to improve the integrity of the program, officials say.

Colleges could win back that business by emphasizing service methods that appeal to students, according to Datassential’s Topical Keynote Report.

The food vendor has unveiled four signature dishes by chef Andrew Zimmern for this Major League Baseball season.

Forty-two percent of U.S. districts operate farm-to-school programs, according to the USDA’s Farm to School Census.

How do you recruit and retain employees when operators down the street offer higher wages and jobs viewed as more prestigious? Here are three stealable solutions from FSDs that have worked in real-world tests.

With everything else on an FSD's plate, sickness might be the last thing they want to consider. However, one FSD learned some lessons when struck by the flu.

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