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2nd breakfast staves off obesity in kids

Students who follow breakfast at home with an additional breakfast at school are less likely to be overweight than their peers who skip the meal altogether, according to the study.


Reebok ditches sugary foods for more healthful options

The sports company will no longer offer candy bars, soda, pasta or fried foods at its corporate campus.

Canyon Vista Medical Center has a growing number of doctors and staff who prefer a plant-based diet for themselves as well as for their patients.

Aspen Valley Hospital in Colorado and New York-based Stony Brook University Hospital tied for first place in the Physicians Committee’s 2016 list of hospitals with the healthiest food.

The funding will help 17 rural communities implement creative strategies and programs to reduce child food insecurity, officials say.

Longtime CEO Joe Pacifico will remain in his role.

On the contract-management side, Rick Abramson of Delaware North was selected in specialty foodservice and Mike Barclay of Southern Management was the winner in the business-and-industry category.

Increased local sourcing and wellness will be key priorities in coming years.

Enhancements include modernizing and expanding the national park’s dining services.

The report also found that fewer than half of the university’s campuses offer programs for food-insecure students.

The truck is reportedly the first of its kind.

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