4 marketing ideas for the month of June

As the summer season nears, several food-centric holidays approach. Holidays involving sweet treats are especially prominent next month. From LGBTQ+ Pride month to National Ice Cream Soda Day, here’s a look at four marketing opportunities in the coming w

LGBTQ+ Pride month (begins June 1)

Pride month is a great time to celebrate the diversity of both your workforce and diners. Last year, Compass Group invited diners and employees to celebrate the month with an assortment of rainbow decorated treats.

World Environment Day (June 5)

This day is the perfect time to launch or spotlight your operations sustainability initiatives. Last year, foodservice provider Sodexo Live! did just that by announcing its partnership with the International Aviation Waste Management Association.

National Cupcake Lovers Day (June 13)

Lean into the sweet treats in honor of this holiday. Last year, Elmhurst University Dining used this day to gather feedback on the operations dessert options. The dining team went to social media platform X to ask diners which dessert they would like to see more of.

National Ice Cream Soda Day (June 30)

This day presents yet another perfect opportunity to spotlight your operations dessert line-up, particularly those recipes involving everybody’s favorite frozen treat. Last year, Missouri State University dining invited diners to stop by the campus Chick-fil-A location to try the chain’s frosted beverages—Ice cream blended with the diners choice of a Chick-fil-A beverage.

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