A collection of menu planning ideas for foodservice operators.


Recipe report: Cinco de Mayo

Why not set your menu apart this year by adding something a little different to the lineup? Get the party started with these festive Cinco de Mayo recipes.


Adapting authenticity in Three Sisters Salad

A revamped North American tribe recipe is now a staple in Wash U’s dining program, which completes 18,000 to 22,000 transactions daily.

Iconic dishes like Cincinnati chili may not be entirely healthy, but they are incredibly popular. How are chefs adapting popular recipes and bringing them to schools?

How FSDs are building off diners’ perceptions of flavor and health to create winning dishes.

Whether it’s to fill a need for healthy options or a convenient way for employees to grab dinner, prepared to-go meals are growing. 

The former White House nutrition advisor addresses how to model healthy eating and one food-related issue facing the country.

American regional classics, such as New England clam chowder, are showing up on menus, often with signature touches. Each of these recipes has a story to tell.

Chicken still rules the roost, but diners are coming across more turkey options.

Consumers want to know everything they can about what they're eating and drinking, spurring interest in sustainable and fair-trade items.

Here are the fastest-growing customizable foods in noncommercial dining—and how operators are making them stand out.

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