A collection of menu planning ideas for foodservice operators.


4 ways to sell wellness

Check out how operators are thinking outside the box to guide diners toward healthier options.


14 menu items making waves at c-stores

Places once synonymous with roller dogs are stealing some tricks more often used to land the customers of other quick-service operations. Here's a look at some of the lures c-stores are using.

Operators are turning to honey to make menu items with fried chicken stand out.

To keep ahead of what's trending, steal these ideas from innovative Los Angeles operations. 

Aging diners are ushering old-school health indicators back in vogue, though they’re reluctant to pay more for items flagged that way.

 Squash’s versatility makes it suitable as a side or star of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Here’s how four operations are implementing this fall favorite.

Washington University in St. Louis has experimented with Native American-inspired fare for the past four years, thanks to a dedicated effort from dining services.

Soups and stews are natural vehicles for these odds and ends of vegetables, grains and proteins, but you can’t just add items aimlessly into the pot.

David Perkins, head chef at Connecticut College, blamed lack of veggie burger sales on frozen product, and set to work creating a from-scratch version.

The new yogurt era is all about the savory side, replacing full-fat products like sour cream in recipes, and shining as the base for top-your-own bars.