A collection of menu planning ideas for foodservice operators.


10 menu winners and losers at colleges

Gen Z dominates college campuses these days, and they are tired of some of the same old offerings. Here are the menu items they’re increasingly interested in ordering—and those they’re snubbing.


Plant-based options take over beverage menus

Not so long ago, finding non-dairy milk in a supermarket dairy case was a challenge. But these days, that aisle is bursting with plant-based beverage choices.

Scaled-down sweets fill diners’ desire for variety. 

Four factors behind a successful, in-house blend.

Penn State found that students are not eager to communicate allergy problems to staff. Varcoe expects this chickpea liquid ice cream to be a big draw.

How to get rid of fried fan favorites but not the fans.

All-day breakfast programs are helping operators drive incremental traffic between traditional dayparts.

May is National Burger Month—a good excuse to feature burgers on the menu. These six recipes change up proteins, cheese, condiments and toppings to vary the experience.

The word “snacking” may have connotations of high calories and unhealthy choices, but that’s hardly what’s happening on college campuses today.

Operators reveal how they’re hooking their diners with fish.

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