Menu innovation has never been easier

Photograph: Krusteaz Professional

It can be a challenge to come up with exciting menu items that keep diners engaged, especially when many diners are regulars. Managing ingredient inventory while meeting a wide range of dietary needs can make creating a rotation of innovative menu items a daunting task. That’s why utilizing products that have a lot of versatility and can be used to make multiple items can be a significant help in the back of house.

Ready to bake batters, such as those created by Krusteaz Professional, are giving operators a way to use one SKU to make countless menu items. For example, Ready to Bake chocolate cake batter can be topped or mixed with caramel, nuts, berries and more to make a different dessert every day of the week. Additionally, it can also be portioned directly onto waffle makers or used to make chocolate pancakes which allows operators to use the batter to innovate at breakfast and beyond.

Starting in August 2024, operators will have the opportunity to experiment with even more dishes, using new Ready to Bake Honey Cornbread batter.

Across menu parts, in an array of innovative serving styles, including using cornbread as a base for a bowl meal, Ready to Bake Honey Cornbread batter makes it easier than ever to offer signature dishes that riff on classic favorites.

Classic cornbread is a favorite side dish for a slew of menu items. But when it’s available in an easy-to-use format that holds inclusions well, it can perform as a base recipe for a myriad of sweet and savory menu items. 

For instance, operators can offer Corn Griddle “Johnny” Cakes filled with sharp cheddar, then topped with tomato gravy, sea island red peas, avocado and creme fraiche for an elevated breakfast or brunch option. Or, they can mix in fruit or berries to the batter—Blackberry Bourbon Honey Cornbread baked in a skillet is perfect as a side at breakfast, lunch or dinner, and could even be used as a base for an ice cream sundae.

Operators can also use Ready to Bake Honey Cornbread batter to set up a customizable Cornbread Bar—cornbread or corn muffins can be served up hot with an array of toppings, such as pulled pork, corn, cheeses and so much more. It’s a perfect way to offer customizable dishes to diners without having to work overtime in the kitchen.

Cornbread batter can also be used to easily add elevated offerings on familiar favorites. Serve up Crispy Pork Belly with Jalapeno Cheddar Honey Cornbread and Hot Honey for a delicious twist that incorporates trending spicy flavors.  

According to Datassential, 77% of consumers like or love cornbread, and capitalizing on its versatility is a great way to offer menu variety without stressing staff. Krusteaz Professional’s Ready to Bake Honey Cornbread batter offers the same benefits as its brownie, cake and muffin batters: scratch-like quality, an extended refrigerated shelf life without preservatives and no extra labor required.

Krusteaz Professional’s Ready to Bake Honey Cornbread batter will be available to purchase in August 2024. To learn more and to sign up to receive a sample, visit

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