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Starting next week, students will be served scaled-down meals to "conserve food and funding."...
College campuses continue to grapple with addressing food insecurity.
The university and vendor Bon Appetit are offering a family-style dinner on Tuesday.
The district says it will still serve meals to students as planned whether the strike happens or not.
Charles County Public Schools is temporarily adding 30 credits to students’ meal accounts.
The fishermen talked to students about their jobs and then joined them for tuna sandwiches in the cafeteria.
The district will be using local sweet potatoes, cabbage and broccoli for the meal.
Each of the district’s 24 campus kitchens came up with gingerbread house creations, which will be judged by the district’s school board members.
Howard County Public School System in Maryland will be serving lunch for two days during the break for the first time.
Parents who owe $20 or more and haven’t paid in the last 60 days will receive a letter from the agency beginning next year.



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