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Howard County Public School System in Maryland will be serving lunch for two days during the break for the first time.
Parents who owe $20 or more and haven’t paid in the last 60 days will receive a letter from the agency beginning next year.
The classes, which are capped at 14 participants, have taught attendees how to make items such as probiotic overnight oats.
The meals are being served at nine schools throughout the district this week.
The rule will relax sodium, milk and grain requirements for operators.
The workers are hosting an auction to raise money for cafeteria employees in Paradise, Calif.
The employee confronted a man who entered the cafeteria with a gun.
The program would be instituted in partnership with the school’s University Health Center.
Principals said the influx of parent visitors in the cafeteria was disruptive.
The Weekends Without Hunger Act would install a five-year pilot program aimed at providing food to students when school is not in session.



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