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Culinary Council helps identify on-trend menu ideas and operational strategies.
FSD Culinary Council

Winning with football promotions

Here's how three members of FoodService Director's Chefs' Council are taking the ball and running with it, developing successful dining events to suit their fans.

FSD Culinary Council

2017 trend: Catering to current tastes

While items such as sandwiches, barbecue and buffets still are popular, chefs continue to experiment with new menu items and concepts as catering competition heats up. 

To meet the demand of clockless diners, chefs are expanding snack offerings, all-day breakfast is on the rise and grab-and-go is taking off in new directions.

Here are five catering trends to take note of for 2017 from the minds of members of FoodService Director's Chefs' Council. Read on for catering inspiration.

We’re back with next year’s menu forecast, culled from our panel of 50 Chefs’ Council members—culinarians representing the core segments of noncommercial foodservice.

Chefs’ Council members are skilled at controlling costs without diminishing perceived value. Here’s how they’ll deliver the biggest bang for the buck. 

FSD's Chefs' Council makes predictions about next year's top menu trends.

Question:How are you menuing unusual versions of chili for the fall?Answers from FSD's Culinary CouncilFor a Pacific Northwest regional twist, I’m making a seafood chili by adding hot smoked sal...

Question:How are you building football season into your menuing and marketing?Answers from FSD's Culinary CouncilHere in Oregon, we have quite a big rivalry between the Oregon Ducks and the Oregon Sta...

Question:What menu tweaks are you making to drive interest in your breakfast program?Answers from FSD's Culinary CouncilWe started making a breakfast bread pudding with all of our leftover breakfast b...

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