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Culinary Council helps identify on-trend menu ideas and operational strategies.
FSD Culinary Council

5 ways to battle chef burnout

Even with menu cycles and seasonal meals, it’s not tough to see how chefs can become burned out on the job. 

FSD Culinary Council

4 ways chefs are making their menus stand out

Here’s how members of FSD’s Chefs’ Council are looking beyond the ordinary when it comes to their menu items.

FSD's Chefs' Council shares their favorite recipes from home that have translated into their operations.

Question:How has your salad bar evolved to fit diners’ desires and seasonality?Answers from FSD's Culinary CouncilAt Cal Dining, we:Have composed salads (grab-and-go) featuring local and seasonal ingr...

Question:What’s the biggest annual dining event at your operation, and how do you make it special?Answers from FSD's Culinary CouncilThroughout the year, we have two types of large events that are wel...

Question:What are  some of the most successful menu items you introduced in 2016?Answers from FSD's Culinary CouncilSpinach mashed potatoes with brown butter and garlic, and coconut curry pork with As...

Question:As the holiday season approaches, what’s on your wish list for your operation?Answers from FSD's Culinary CouncilMy list is long, but here are two:To have more Menus of Change principles in e...

We asked our 50-chef panel to name the food trends they expected to break out or fade next year in noncommercial foodservice.

Question:How are you adding creative drinks to your catering menu this holiday season?Answers from FSD's Culinary CouncilOne of the great things about our ability to work in some fun beverages, both a...

Ingredient sourcing has increased in importance, with issues such as clean labels, local and seasonal produce and food safety gaining ground. 

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