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Chefs’ Council: Menu-shaping trends for 2017

Authentic, portable foods are big hits in FSD’s 2016 Chefs’ Council Menu Trends survey.

Last October, we published the results of FoodService Director’s first annual Chefs’ Council Menu Trends survey, revealing predictions for menu shake-ups in 2016. Many of the predictions panned out, including an increase in snacking, ever-spicier flavor profiles, veg-centric plates, fresh-pressed juices and build-your-own options. Now we’re back with next year’s forecast, culled from our panel of 50 Chefs’ Council members—culinarians representing the core segments of noncommercial foodservice. Some of the flavors, ingredients and cuisines expand on current trends, while others go off in surprising new directions. As 2017 menu planning hits full swing, this roundup will help put  you on top of the trends.

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Making more with less

Catering to current tastes

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Health on the menu

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