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Culinary Council helps identify on-trend menu ideas and operational strategies.
FSD Culinary Council

How to handle custom menu challenges

Question:How are you handling your biggest challenges with customizable menu items?Answers from FSD's Culinary CouncilCustomizable menus provide our guests with flexibility and a sense of pampering, b...

FSD Culinary Council

FSD's Culinary Council: Winter produce ordering

Question:How are you adjusting your produce order for the winter?Answers from FSD's Culinary CouncilOur guests remember the days when you could not get a berry in December, but society and global comm...

Esteemed members of the Chefs' council Nicola Torres, Carrie Anderson and Jose M. Martinez answer the question, how are you slipping in healthy ingredients?

FSD’s Culinary Council is a cross-section of chefs from the K-12, college and university, senior living, health care, and business and industry segments. On a rotating basis, our industry experts answer questions about food trends and ideas.

Has Sriracha reached its saturation point or will it keep going strong? How about gluten-free foods? Our Culinary Council shares the trends that will be shaping their menus in 2016.

FoodService Director surveyed our 50 Culinary Council members to see what items customers are demanding and what will be on their menus in the coming year.

High egg prices, a result of the avian-flu epidemic, continue to worry noncommercial chefs. Some are taking preemptive measures by redirecting the menu.

FSD's Culinary Council members agree big, bold flavors will continue to be in high-demand and will explore ingredients, cuisines and recipes embracing them.

Anytime eating with all-day menus is the model that seems to be evolving in college dining, senior living and health care, according to our respondents.

Expect three megatrends to hang around for another year according to respondents: healthier comfort foods, plant-based dishes and more customization.

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