C&U Census 2018: What college and university operators are tackling now

Always trend-setting, innovating and testing the limits of their menus, college and university foodservice operators continue to grapple with changing tastes, demographics and expectations. Here's how they're doing it.


10 states finding success with summer meal participation

See which states serve the highest ratio of students compared to those participating in free and reduced-price meal programs throughout the year. 

Two kinds of burgers and upcycling make the list! Frose, sushi burgers and single-item restaurants are hot topics as of late. Here’s what’s trending now.

Vanderbilt created a high school “focus group” to see what future college students will want in terms of foodservice. They called up two now-seniors from the last group to get 10 of their friends together.

Tastes shift from the traditional in FSD’s 2017 LTC/Senior Living Census. Read on to see how things have changed from 2016—and how operators are responding to new demands across the board.

School operations are tackling industry trends while employing a variety of means to address changing rules for school meals, according to a recent survey by the SNA.

These 10 attributes are the most important to college students when choosing snacks, according to Technomic’s 2017 College and University Consumer Trend Report.

Here's a breakdown of which meals college students are most likely to skip according to Technomic’s 2017 College and University Consumer Trend Report.

College students sound off on sourcing, allergens, meal plans and more.

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