What drinks do consumers go for at c-stores?

Iced tea is the most popular beverage at lunch.
Photograph: Shutterstock

Iced tea is the most popular beverage for convenience store customers when choosing a drink to have with their lunch. Here are the top beverages consumers say they’ve bought in the past month at c-stores during the midday meal time.

  • Iced tea (bottle or can): 66%
  • Plain bottled water :56%
  • Lemonade: 54%
  • Regular soft drink: 53%
  • Diet soft drink: 46%
  • Sports drink: 45%
  • Fruit juice (bottle or carton): 44%
  • Hot specialty coffee: 39%
  • Cold/iced or blended coffee: 37%
  • Regular coffee: 21%

Source: Technomic 2018 Beverage Consumer Trend Report


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