menu development


For the love of french fries

Here are three ways operators can capture students’ attention and satisfy their french fry cravings.


Adding global twists to familiar dishes

Keep diners excited about the menu by putting a global spin on classic dishes. With prepared soups, it’s easier than ever to offer new and craveable flavors.

On-trend bowls are proliferating to entice post-holiday customers.

By using speed-scratch solutions, operators can cut labor needed to prepare foods and help lessen the cost of purchasing many ingredients, while still offering a wide variety of foods.

Tweaking favorite dishes to include healthful produce additions is an effective way to boost their nutritional value. Mixing up the menu is also a way to provide a change of pace for guests.

Gain insight on how to cater your menu toward baby boomer diners.

The school’s Live Well Station serves up a variety of plant-based fare, including crabless crab cakes and vegan chicken pot pie.

See which ingredients, flavors and culinary movements had the biggest impact this year.

See which topics readers couldn’t get enough of this year.

Partners Zach Engel and Andres Clavero share how they've created a Chicago destination that retains its neighborhood vibe.

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