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Embracing plant-based proteins allows operators to attract new patrons with elevated menu options

At a time when the foodservice industry is pivoting to counteract the world’s health crisis, menu innovation and addressing the evolving demands of today’s consumer are more vital than ever.


What restaurants are menuing this fall

Fall has officially begun, but restaurant chains have been busy with seasonal menu launches for several weeks. See what dishes are on trend this season.

The pandemic has emptied office buildings across the U.S, but when the workforce returns, their coffee preferences may be a bit different.

While operators are pivoting to cut excess costs and streamline back-of-house operations, they can’t cut corners on the food quality and service their customers have come to expect.

Matthew Osolin translates his culinary passion into crowd-pleasing dinners without overtaxing the kitchen.

Chicken is the most popular protein on menus, and many customers continue to crave their favorite preps. But why not add a new chicken dish to the lineup this fall to excite more adventurous eaters? Start with these five globally influenced recipes.

Consumers are still craving comfort foods, but those don’t necessarily have to focus on hearty portions of meat. The five recipes here spotlight vegetables, grains and other plants, rounded out by smaller amounts of beef, chicken, seafood or cheese.

What started as a trickle a couple of years back has turned into a deluge, with milk made from oats, nuts and more flooding the market.

Operators can also re-evaluate current dishes to determine whether their condiments or sauces would work equally well on other menu items. Such a move can help operators stretch their food costs and boost menu appeal.

Instead of tweaking recipes or adding new dishes to their menu, operators can effectively accommodate the flavor and heat preferences of all guests through condiments.

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