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Recipe report: Fresh takes on chicken

it’s easy to get into a chicken rut by relying on the same preps week after week. Start changing up the repertoire right now by adding one of these recipes to the rotation.


Recipe report: Playing up fall flavors

It’s still August, but pumpkin spice is already showing up on menus, along with other pumpkin-flavored beverages, entrees and treats. Apples and squash are also making their mark, too.

Bowls continue to trend on menus, as the format is portable, delivery-friendly and adaptable to a wide variety of cuisines. To freshen up your bowl lineup for fall, start with these five recipes—they offer new ways to combine grains, vegetables and proteins into tasty meals.

While consumer demand for seafood is strong, eateries are seeing unprecedented price increases and spotty supply.

At John Knox Village, close communication and creative thinking boost efficiencies in the back of house.

For operations looking to maximize supply, the team at John Knox Village has some ideas.

Cava's Lemon Chicken Bowl has culinary roots in the Levant region of the Mediterranean.

Health and indulgence can coexist comfortably in one glass when it’s a creamy, fruity smoothie that fills it up.

See how pumpkin spice is showing up early, and get the scoop on other flavors trending on menus this week.

August is National Sandwich Month, so what better time to up your sandwich game?

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