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Recipe report: Holiday cookies

Cookie season is in high gear as the days tick down to the holidays. Every baker has tried-and-true favorites, but maybe this is the year to add one of these five cookie recipes to the file.


Recipe report: Festive drinks to toast the season

This is the time of year to boost your beverage game—to elevate coffee, tea, cocktails and mocktails with seasonal flavors and festive garnishes. The five recipes here will quickly get guests in the holiday spirit.

Menu items are constantly flowing out of the chain's R&D pipeline to tap into diners’ desire for variety.

Chefs at the boutique hotel chain are creating new takes on butter boards for holiday tables.

Chicken sandwiches are still trending, but some more surprising menu items are on the move, according to the "What's Hot" report.

With Thanksgiving around the corner and winter holidays close behind, there’s an uptick in festive meals and catering events. Any one of these five side dishes will elevate the occasion.

Plant-based and globally inspired items are gaining steam, but not everywhere.

As head of culinary for the chain, Amy Alarcon and her team created a record-breaking chicken sandwich. Now there’s a new one on the menu—plus a lot of other R&D excitement.

As the holidays approach, baking season kicks into high gear. Refresh your recipe file with one of these five baked goods now or at any time of year.

Upcycling turns spent grain and other edible byproducts into food that goes on the plate—not into the compost bin or landfill.

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