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Expanding students’ palates along with their horizons

On this episode of “Dig In,” hear how the dining team at Seattle Public Schools has found ways to educate kids about diversity through food.


How will the FDA's new sodium guideline impact menus?

The government’s recommendation to reduce sodium is voluntary.

Plant-based and plant-forward menu items are in high demand, with both operators and customers looking for new meatless ideas. If your recipe lineup is ready for a refresh, take a look at these five dishes for inspiration.

The key to success is going beyond a surface-level connection with individuals and community groups, Seattle Public Schools found.

Plans to roll out five distinct menus were put on hold during the pandemic, but the dining team still found ways to celebrate the district's cultural diversity.

Facilities across noncommercial are finding ways to embrace lesser-known varieties and local sourcing.

October is National Pasta Month, the perfect time to add a new pasta prep to your collection.

The digital competition encouraged chefs to submit dishes inspired by global street foods.

CrossRoads seeks to appeal to vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians alike.

One year into the job, Chris Scott is putting his stamp on KFC’s menu and the quick-service chicken space.

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