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Recipe report: Earth-friendly dishes

These five eco-friendly recipes pay tribute to Earth Month without putting a strain on the kitchen.


Recipe report: Stay cool

With warmer weather on the horizon, customers may be craving something cold and refreshing. These five sippers showcasing bright colors and fresh flavors just might do the trick.

Full-service menu prices rose 8% year over year and limited-service prices jumped 7.2%, while grocery prices increased 10%.

See what Delaware North is debuting as Major League Baseball season gets underway.

Just to qualify for the Chopped-style competition, Director Trula Hepner and chef Hayley Hill had to prepare 750 servings of an appetizer.

The labor crunch continues, but the demand for creative, craveable menu items remains high. Recipes like these can help ease the burden when the kitchen's short-staffed.

Cook-serve equipment replaced the old cook-chill operation, resulting in scratch-made meals and restaurant-style service.

A fresh salad is the perfect way to show off the flavors and colors of the spring produce now hitting the market.

Eggs symbolize rebirth—the perfect food to officially welcome spring. The five recipes here showcase the versatility of eggs in every part of the menu and all meal occasions.

The Sodexo dining team on campus planned and prepared a multi-course meal with Future 50 ingredients.

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