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5 great ideas gathered at a chefs’ conference

Smart tactics to tackle labor issues, sustainability, food safety and more were offered up this week during FoodService Director’s first Chefs’ Council Summit.

Steal This Idea

Don’t cry over cut onions

A line cook at Di Alba in Los Angeles recommends cutting onions straight into ice-cold water to keep eyes from watering, which helps eliminate the tear-inducing gas.

The University of Michigan brought in a student with food allergies to talk in front of foodservice staff as part of their training for an impactful presentation they won't forget.

Cleaning may not be the most exciting part of foodservice, but it’s a vital one. Here's how to keep on top of a master cleaning plan as footprints change.

Some staff might be nodding along during training, but silently rejecting the policies. Here’s how to make food safety procedures absolutely clear.

School officials believe the menu will also appeal to students who eat halal.

Food safety can be a lot to handle, requiring plenty of paperwork and diligence to ensure a kitchen complies with health regulations.

It is the second college eatery in the country to be certified gluten-free.

The No Whey station in the main dining hall at Georgia Southern University offers students meals that are free of the eight most common allergens.

As consumer demand for cleaner ingredients continues to grow, operators might want to pay extra attention to pesticides in their produce for transparency’s sake. And to these fruits and vegetables in particular.

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