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Take a look inside Valley Dining Center and its fresh approach to allergen-friendly dining

Western Michigan University’s recently opened dining hall takes action stations to a whole new level. 


Authorities link hep A to frozen strawberries

Virginia officials say berries imported from Egypt are likely what sickened patrons of a smoothie chain two weeks ago.

Even for foodservice operators who fancy themselves savvy on safety, allergens can lurk in surprising places throughout an operation—and sometimes includes the supplier.

When potential students visit North Carolina State University, they are matched up with a student from the allergy support group for a dining tour.

Communication with the public and suppliers was key when handling a food recall in Waterbury, Conn.

During a recent summit FSD hosted with a dozen C&U operators, the people behind some of the nation’s top programs told us what’s keeping them up at night.

For operators, the next steps in transparency are local sourcing, cooking from scratch, working closely with suppliers and developing their own products.

Deputy Editor Dana Moran grew up in a household of questionable food safety. Here are some transgressions/worst practices that she still commits today.

With more retailers and operators moving toward serving “ugly” produce, it’s clear that visual appeal isn’t everything when it comes to food nowadays.

A Facebook page is serving as a forum for Duke students to voice complaints about how food options are being labeled.

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