FoodService Director is working to track the unprecedented impacts of COVID-19 on the foodservice industry. See below for the latest updates, and to connect with other operators during this time, join the private Facebook group Coronavirus in the Food & Beverage Industry.


To help during the pandemic, Bowling Green State University is sending food delivery robots beyond campus

Off-campus deliveries have included food drops for first responders.


What's required for foodservice operations to reopen? That depends

The rules or recommendations for resuming dine-in service vary widely from state to state, if they exist at all. Here's a sampling, along with some of the few near-constants.

UC Irvine Medical Center is still “waiting for our surge,” but the dining team has found ways to step up service in the meantime.

With dining rooms set to reopen in both states Monday, operators have been given new protocols for operating safely.

Several supermarket chains are finding new roles for chefs amid the pandemic.

Colleges are highlighting familiar faces and favorite recipes to keep students engaged with foodservice even after returning home.

Most states are still drafting the guidelines, but a few hints have emerged.

Prescott Unified School District has begun offering at-home gardening tips and recipes for students and parents.

The White House’s plan for restarting the economy calls for reactivating dine-in service in three phases, with safety checks ahead of each.

When they reopen, sports and entertainment venues must hit the reset button and adapt to the new normal.

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