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State of K-12 foodservice: Rethinking recruitment

Faced with persistent labor challenges, operators continue to come up with new ways to fight short-staffed teams.


Is it OK to ask a job applicant for their preferred pronouns?

While this likely aims to show that your workplace is positive and inclusive, interview questions in general should be related to a candidate’s ability to do the job, Advice Guy says.

Check out how the nutrition team at Cobb County School District updated its recruitment efforts, as shared during the SNA’s Annual National Conference.

The foodservice provider earned a score of 100 on the Disability Equality Index, a benchmarking tool that aids companies in achieving disability inclusion and equality.

The program focuses on customer engagement, elevating service and nurturing organizational culture.

The company is reorganizing after falling behind its competitors, and said it would unveil a new strategy soon.

The university was given an Employer of the Year award for its work with Start on Success, a program that aims to support high schoolers with disabilities.

This finding is likely to foster efforts to mandate paid sick leave.

The short answer is yes, says Advice Guy, though you will want to check with your local health department first.

Labor challenges in foodservice are not going away. It might be time to think about ways to streamline your operation with a smaller team, Advice Guy says.

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