Effective strategies for managing staff, hiring, training, retention and more.

States scramble to broaden workers’ overtime eligibility

New Jersey and Michigan are the latest states to consider setting their own rules for overtime pay instead of relying on federal regulations.


6 statistical solutions to the labor crisis

Recent research may offer a salve for what ails employers.

Foodservice managers would need to earn 28% more than the new federal threshold to be ineligible for time-and-a-half pay.

As anticipated, the agency has raised the exemption threshold to $35,568.

FSDs discuss how they're complying with current labor laws.

Attendees of the Association for Healthcare Foodservice’s annual conference met to discuss labor challenges and solutions.

A new smartphone platform is keeping the catering company’s young, largely seasonal workforce engaged.

As a new school year approaches, FSDs in K-12 and higher ed share how they’re getting creative to combat the tight labor market.

See what college operators and others are doing to get employees engaged.

The Raise the Wage Act, approved in the Democratic-controlled House on party lines, now moves to the Republican-controlled Senate.

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