Insights on reducing waste, conserving resources and more.



Santa Clara Valley Healthcare makes a big climate commitment

The healthcare system plans to cut its carbon emissions in half by 2023 and achieve net-zero by 2050.


Rochester Institute of Technology is making a big push toward plant-forward fare

The university has committed to offering 50% plant-based entrees by 2025.

As younger consumers look for social responsibility from the brands they interact with, food and beverage businesses are making sure to market their eco-friendlier efforts.

The university hosted its second plant-based vendor show in April, soliciting comments on prospective menu additions.

The distributor has teamed up with commercial truck manufacturers to launch an EV with electric refrigeration technology.

Compass Group’s incubator is drawing attention to waste in concert with its parent company’s Stop Food Waste Day.

ISS Guckenheimer claimed the highest score, with HHS, Fresh Ideas, Metz and Sodexo USA rounding out the top five.

Pomptonian Food Service partnered with N.J. school districts to educate students about sorghum and sample a recipe.

Foodservice operations have celebrated the month by highlighting or expanding their eco-friendly initiatives. Here’s a look at what they did.

The food distributor is making strides on its EV commitment.

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