Aramark Collegiate Hospitality teams up with Audubon Nature Institute on sustainable seafood partnership

Through the partnership, Aramark chefs will learn about sustainable seafood and integrate that knowledge into their sourcing strategies.
Employee serving shrimp
Chefs who complete the sustainable seafood program will receive an Audubon GULF certificate. | Photo courtesy of Aramark Collegiate Hospitality.

Aramark Collegiate Hospitality is teaching its chefs the ins and outs of sustainable seafood sourcing. To that end, the college and university arm of the foodservice provider has teamed up with Audubon Nature Institute on a sustainable seafood partnership.

The partnership began with a pilot program in early 2023 with the goal of understanding sustainable sourcing practices from the Gulf of Mexico. Participating chefs will learn what sustainable seafood is as well as how to identify sustainable species and incorporate that knowledge into procurement strategies. In addition, chefs will be instructed on how to prepare, plate and menu different sustainable Gulf species and will be able to develop regionally and culturally appropriate recipes.

Chefs who complete the program will receive an Audubon GULF certificate. The GULF program provides third party certification in the seafood industry and leads Fishery Improvement projects in the region.

"This partnership is key for chefs to see first-hand the importance of sustainable seafood practices from the dock to the table," said John Fallon, director of sustainability and coastal conservation for the Audubon Nature Institute, in a statement. "The seafood industry generates millions of dollars for Gulf Coast states and is a vital part of our economy and culture. Teaching chefs how to source sustainable seafood helps them deliver the best product to guests and protects the seafood industry for future generations."

In addition, Aramark Collegiate Hospitality recently launched a LTO event at select colleges and universities in the southeast U.S. Participating dining programs will source directly from local vendors using white shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico. The programming will educate diners about the sustainability partnership with Audubon Nature Institute.



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