A collection of menu planning ideas for foodservice operators.


5 drink trends gaining attention right now

Emerging ingredients, flavors and products can help operators refresh the menu.


Chefs bowl over diners with on-trend bowls

Operators and guests dig the convenience and customizability of meals in a bowl.

These five recipes are a starting point to inspire you to try a different flavor, ingredient or technique. 

To get some inspiration for fall menu items, check out these three trends.

Nearly a third of the entrees the company serves at colleges are meatless

All foodservice operations want to keep inventory at minimum, and operators are reducing the ingredients needed in their kitchens through strategic and savvy menu building.

Stuck in a dessert rut? These five recipes can refresh your repertoire with new ideas by incorporating different flavors, ingredients and combinations. 

Download this infographic to learn how roasted vegetables are rising in popularity on menus.

Consumers are snacking more frequently, often depending on foodservice for eats between meals. Still, diners aren't yet satisfied with what's available. Recent data shows how snacking desires are changing—and where opportunities might lie.

Chefs are building entrees with smaller amounts of meat, moving vegetables and grains to the center of the plate.