A collection of menu planning ideas for foodservice operators.


See 4 menu items being served at Aramark’s new plant-based concept

The Twisted Beet focuses on comfort foods that incorporate produce.


Aramark jumps on plant-based bandwagon with The Twisted Beet

The comfort-food concept will come to more than 750 colleges, healthcare and business-and-industry sites.

Chicken is the most popular protein across the menu, showcased in sandwiches and center-of-the-plate entrees as well as appetizers and snacks. Need some new ideas for menuing this customer favorite? Start with these five recipes.

Check out how noncommercial operators are jazzing up the humble spud.

Members of FSD’s Culinary Council share the dining movements they’re keeping an eye on.

Kids are famously hard to please, but more school districts are discovering that encouraging more healthful choices—especially plant-based alternatives—is deliciously doable.

Technomic shares some ingredients behind successful short-term offers.

Customization may be giving way to chef-created options.

Senior Editor Pat Cobe talks to chef Njathi Kabui about sustainability, his concept of “Afro-futuristic conscious cuisine” and what he’s growing in his backyard.

As diners increasingly look for sustainable or plant-based options on menus, operators find inspiration in plant-based options.

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