A collection of menu planning ideas for foodservice operators.


Recipe report: 1-dish entrees

Chefs are building entrees with smaller amounts of meat, moving vegetables and grains to the center of the plate. 


Center of the plate goes plant-based

Check out this infographic to learn how roasted vegetables intensify flavor in your plant-based menu items for crave-able favorites.

When plant-based dishes offered are craveable and focus less on health and more about taste, student participation follows suit.

When menu descriptions focus on flavor first, plant-based proteins become less about health and more about taste—and sales follow suit.

Seasonal ingredients and summer tie-ins are powering restaurant menus at the moment. 

From nachos to pizza to cheese fries and beyond, it’s clear that college kids love cheese.

Here are a few tips for innovating with both meatless and less-meat dishes.

Roasted fruit can be used as a topping or a sauce, a side or an ingredient, and is an excellent complement for either sweet or savory dishes.

These five recipes use a variety of chili peppers, spicy sauces and hot seasonings to satisfy heat seekers. 

Classic flavors, along with surprising new combos, are keeping customers cool.