How Spike Mendelsohn is changing up healthy eating in the fast-casual and snack spaces

The TV celeb and former fine-dining chef is expanding his ventures PLNT Burger and Eat the Change while continuing his food policy activism.


Plant-based food packages associated with decreased BMI in children, new study finds

The study, which was published in the journal Preventing Chronic Disease, suggests that offering plant-based family food packages may help to lower BMI in children.

The university has committed to offering 50% plant-based entrees by 2025.

Fruits, vegetables and grains are inherently kosher, Advice Guy says, but unless an establishment has rabbinical supervision and certification, it is not.

Consumers want more plant-based meals, and operators need to consider the budget and labor demands of doing so—Proterra can help.

The university hosted its second plant-based vendor show in April, soliciting comments on prospective menu additions.

Restaurant leaders share the secrets to their success with plant-based menu initiatives.

As more diners seek meatless meals, operators can find an easy solution by swapping plant-based protein crumbles in familiar favorite foods.

The Humane Society of the United States will host a virtual plant-based workshop for chefs, dietitians and general managers at the K-12 foodservice provider.

When adding plant-based dishes to the menu, operators have a lot to consider.

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