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Partner with aspiring farmers

For the last three years, School District of Holmen has hosted an event called Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner, in cooperation with the Future Farmers of America.


3 partnerships that led to a stealable idea

As part of a large public research university, FSD Dawn Aubrey has a wealth of brainpower at her disposal. Here are three ways she has partnered with other departments.

A retail giant partners with a restaurant group to bring variety to employees. 

The school provides volunteers with free meal vouchers in exchange for honest reviews about their dining experiences.

A new program aims to expose students to more local items and give them nutritious choices.

The clinic had been facing backlash over its decision to change foodservice vendors.

Local police officers and firefighters were on hand to serve Christmas lunch to students.

The pilot program will serve seniors lunch in the cafeteria every Friday.

The meals aim to improve health and nutrition among hospital staff, patients and guests.

A friend of the restaurant opened a coffee shop and wanted to serve more interesting food, so our pastry chef has partnered with the shop for menu development.

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