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Learn from local chefs

Loudoun County Public Schools started a culinary academy this summer. A local chef donated her time to teach staff how to make clean soups, sauces and dressings.

Steal This Idea

Partner with outside districts for grants

Muskegon Public Schools has two urban school districts, and partnered with two rural districts to broaden the lives we could affect with our Farm to School grant.

Here’s how the six USFA member schools are making it work—one obstacle at a time.

The University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee creates its own training videos. It’s self-directed, because it’s difficult for students to find the time to do that training.

Purchasing more local, sustainable products is a priority for operators nationwide—but it’s not always feasible. That's where purchasing collectives come in.

Now that the busy summer of planning turns to a busy fall of executing, keep a close eye on the pages of FoodService Director and

The caffeine giant is bringing a mobile concept to Rutgers University.

Foodservice staff crafted a petition 1,200 signatures deep and has plans to picket.

“10 Cents a Meal” provides match funds for schools buying local produce.

Kick of the school year with some fresh ideas that will reenergize guests and staff.

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