New SodexoMagic partnership aims to reduce hunger, waste

Food recovery services, pop-up markets and more will roll out to SodexoMagic operations at colleges and elsewhere.
fresh food market
Photo courtesy of Sodexo

SodexoMagic has teamed up with Goodr in an effort to curb waste and fight food insecurity across its dining locations.

Goodr offers food recovery services as well as pop-up markets, food delivery and grocery stores that provide produce, meat and shelf-stable items to shoppers for free. SodexoMagic plans to roll out some of these options at college campuses this year, adding them to facilities in other noncommercial segments down the road.

“The pandemic has caused a lot of undue stress,” Selena Cuffe, president of SodexoMagic, said in a statement. “We hope to lessen the stress and anxiety on those in need.”

SodexoMagic is a partnership between foodservice management company Sodexo and Magic Food Provisions, an entity owned by former NBA player Earvin “Magic” Johnson. Created in 2006, it operates about 1,500 locations among K12 schools, colleges and universities, healthcare facilities and business sites.


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