Americans say they're ordering delivery less often

Consumers say inflation is causing them to cut back, according to a survey by Personal Capital. But other measures show demand hasn't wavered.


Falling chicken prices give operators something to cluck about

Current costs and supply are favorable, giving chicken concepts a reason to celebrate after steady price increases. But 2023 may bring changes.

A recent survey shows the impact rising costs are having on the 55-and-over population.

The Producer Price Index for ready-to-sell food rose 1.2% after easing in August, driven by higher charges for transportation and warehousing.

The small-business survey from also found that 9% of operators are laying off workers because they fear the economy is getting worse.

Much of that jump is due to sharply higher prices in school lunch programs, as many states have ended free meals for students.

Advice Guy weighs in on whether a restaurant should keep prices off printed menus given the current volatility of food costs.

Food away-from-home inflation was 7.6% last month, and prices held steady at both full-service and limited-service concepts.

Though the Keep Kids Fed Act brings some relief, operators consider how best to navigate a world without pandemic waivers, including raising prices and encouraging families to fill out needed paperwork.

Prices on full-service menus rose 8.9% on an annual basis, while limited-service prices increased 7.4%.

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