New Jersey adds to the uncertainty about where pork prices will land

The state has followed California and Massachusetts in setting new hog-raising standards, a move likely to put a crimp into pork supplies.


Pork suppliers warn a significant price hike is coming

They say a new decision by the U.S. Supreme Court is certain to increase growers' costs while cutting into supplies.

The pay floor for downstate New York would rise next year to $16 on way to $17, while other parts of the state would have a mandated minimum of $16.

Fringe benefits represent the costs of an employee beyond their wages, which might include Medicare tax, paid sick days and healthcare, says Advice Guy.

For the first time in a year and a half, the annual increase in prices for food away from home exceeded inflation at retail food outlets.

The state says it's now developing a system to channel the money down to the victims, which include foodservice operations.

Consumers say inflation is causing them to cut back, according to a survey by Personal Capital. But other measures show demand hasn't wavered.

Current costs and supply are favorable, giving chicken concepts a reason to celebrate after steady price increases. But 2023 may bring changes.

A recent survey shows the impact rising costs are having on the 55-and-over population.

The Producer Price Index for ready-to-sell food rose 1.2% after easing in August, driven by higher charges for transportation and warehousing.

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