What C&U operators can expect this fall

Several trends are poised to impact college and university foodservice in the 2017-18 school year. Here, FSD dives into a handful such as labor concerns and more.

Steal This Idea

Remote control rooftop systems save money, cut noise

We installed a remote refrigeration system as part of our cafeteria renovation. The main part of the system is located on the roof and controls all our refrigerated equipment.

While there was plenty of delicious food to be found during NACUFS’ annual conference in Nashville, FoodService Director’s top finds included a number of operational takeaways.

How to capitalize on the big restaurant trend without spending big money. 

School officials are deciding whether they should limit the amount of sweetened beverages served in dining halls or eliminate them altogether.

Stories of students who can’t pay for lunch being given a subpar meal or shamed for their debt have proliferated in recent years, and it’s not an uncommon problem.

Three campus eateries will see changes this fall.

Nine full-time and three part-time staffers will be let go in June.

Though kitchens in general can be a minefield of issues, bakeries present some unique challenges thanks in part to the finicky nature of yeast.

Noncommercial operators deal with the aftermath of a wage law in purgatory.

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