Assistant Director, Campus Services

New York University

New York City

Age: 29

Biggest challenge you’ve overcome:

Before my transition to the dining sector, most of my experience was in retail and office facilities management. Little did I know how much adding appliances, grease traps and food would change the equation. Starting from basically scratch, knowledge-wise, proved to be quite the learning curve. Having a supportive team and partners made all the difference. It definitely was a journey but one I am glad that I took on. 

Funniest on-the-job disaster:

Early into my first role with NYU, I got a call regarding a small leak. As our business is priority-based, I thought I had some time before I had to head on over there. After receiving a second call, I made my way over [and] to my surprise, from the sixth-floor window I got a glimpse of a rare NYC waterfall. The building's water tank had cracked a leak. As I frantically ran with garbage pails to catch whatever water I could, it was at that moment I learned not all things are learned in textbooks and firsthand experience goes a long way.

Most valued trait in a workplace:

Culture and consistency—to me, those two go hand in hand. To have a meaningful and impactful culture, you have to be consistent in both your message and actions; after all, actions speak louder than words. In my current workplace, I should note we are a relatively small team that serves a very large community. We are able to do so because our culture is strong and based on communication. There is a good balance between creativity and realism. The combination of all the above allows us to provide successful and consistent results for our end users.

Future career goals:

In the long term, I want to leave my mark. I am truly passionate about the coaching and development of others. Being able to help others grow while allowing them to avoid the troubles and mistakes I faced along the way is fulfillment to me. At that point, I can confidently say I lived up to the definition of a leader.