Executive Chef

Tulane Dining Services (Sodexo)

New Orleans

Age: 39

What you excel at:

Bringing innovation and current trends into our menus. Being new to the company and campus gives me a fresh set of eyes and approach to our culinary department.

Most rewarding moment so far:

Besides the birth of my children? ... It would probably be when I see a former employee or someone that has worked for me go on to do great things in their career. I take a lot of pride in being able to mentor and help people achieve their dreams and goals.

How you view tech differently:

I enjoy technology outside of work, so utilizing it on the job is something I’ve always done. Some of the tech we have available to us now helps save time, and we can be more consistent with our tasks. One example is a computer-driven waste-tracking system that was recently implemented. It helps us get accurate data, and also gives us information regarding food cost and labor.

Biggest challenge you’ve overcome:

Taking the leap to move from the private sector into an area of culinary that I was unfamiliar with wasn’t easy. I’m glad that I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something different. Not only for the potential for growth within the company, but for the quality of life it’s given me so far.