General Manager

University of Washington


Age: 33

Best career advice you’ve been given:

There are really two concepts that have resonated with me: Embrace change, it’s inevitable; and that at any moment, you can reinvent yourself. Both were provided to me at different points in my career by strong female leaders in the UW community.

Biggest challenge you’ve overcome:

I am a strong, bilingual and brown female in a leadership role. There are several stereotypes I’ve come across and had to challenge. My passion for customer service, doing what is right and fighting for what I believe in has often been deemed as challenging and combative. I am proud to be of Mexican descent and a strong woman that leads with passion and dedication. This does not mean that I lack objectivity, team mentality or that I am too emotional. 

How you view tech differently:

To me, technology is an aid, and every measure to incorporate it would be of great benefit, from user to customer. ... [In Seattle], we have some of the biggest tech companies in our backyard. Leveraging partnerships with them to create technology that fits our business and operational needs would be a worthy investment, in my opinion. It does not replace customer connections but is beneficial to streamline other aspects of foodservice and retail.

One thing you’d change about the industry:

The perception of foodservice industry workers. I often feel that this is a field that is perceived as easy when, in reality, we serve thousands of people 365 days a year.