Night Supervisor/Cook

Iowa Lakes Community College

Emmetsburg, Iowa

Age: 24

What you excel at:

I have a very mellow, go-with-the-flow attitude that vibes well with my work ethic. I’ve seen blowouts and tantrums from some people with decades of more kitchen time than I have. Personally, I prefer to buckle down and get the job done.

Most valued trait in a workplace:

I have a little structure and a lot of freedom. There are deadlines and events that I need to be ready for, but for the most part I’m free to do as I wish regarding the meals I make for the students. I can be as creative as I need to be, and it does wonders to stifle some of the boredom I used to face in a commercial kitchen.

How you view tech differently:

Having the internet at my fingertips at any given time allows me to work and adjust my workload on the fly. In the time that someone could bring up a recipe, I’ve already seen five, watched a video on a special technique and selected what I want from each.

What drew you to noncommercial:

The difference in stress was a game changer. While commercial foodservice requires a very “in-the-moment” work culture, I can take my time and really focus on the product I’m making in noncommercial. Having weekends free was also a huge plus after missing them for a number of years.