Foodservice Director

Lacey Township School District

Lanoka Harbor, N.J.

Age: 31

Most rewarding moment so far:

During taste testings when I witness a child’s facial expression go from confusion and fear to utter joy at the taste explosion they just experienced.

Biggest challenge you’ve overcome:

Trying to incorporate Meatless Mondays, which I stopped labeling as such on the menus, yet still receive resistance to. Unless, of course, it’s mozzarella sticks as a meatless option.

Most valued trait in a workplace:

Communication. We, as a team, work to ensure all voices are heard. We are a family!

Future career goals:

Short-term, I’d like to introduce new and healthy foods to students. Long-term, I’d like to have improved the overall wellness of my district with the combined efforts of my incredible team, events that promote nutrition education and collaboration on interactive projects with school administration and staff.