Steal This Idea

Gain inspiration from your colleagues by "stealing" their ideas.
Steal This Idea

Use maps to enhance the message

One school district leans on maps to show the importance of breakfast in the classroom.

Steal This Idea

Consider a QR card

A school district puts codes on business cards to make it easier for suppliers to send samples.

One school gets students excited about produce by giving them pretend money to use at a farmers market.

One school district offers students an inside look at meal prep.

To boost retention, a healthcare operation shares a multistep orientation document with new employees.

A college operation has students pick ingredients to be used in a group dinner.

A college operation created a unique LTO to drive student interest.

A healthcare operation invites employees to cook meals from their families' repertoires.

One operation transforms the rotisserie station into a steakhouse.

A college operation has staff portion animal protein, while students can take as much produce as they want.

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