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war eagle supply co
The school's convenience stores are designed to be an inviting place for students to grab a meal on the run. ...
johnson c smith university
A new investment will go toward an urban garden to grow fruits and vegetables for the surrounding community.
The coffee chain released which of its drinks were the most popular with students in different regions.
Students claim that there are not options for those with dietary restrictions.
Beginning this fall, students can anonymously donate one of their guest meal passes to students in need.
Paterson Public Schools will work with the university to provide training and raise awareness about the environmental effects of food waste.
food delivery
Innovative marketing and fresh initiatives are helping FSDs continue to grow their business.
The options will include Thai curry, fajitas, Jamaican jerk chicken and vegan macaroni and cheese.
Beginning this month, dining services will no longer offer items such as plastic bags and straws.
Always trend-setting, innovating and testing the limits of their menus, college and university foodservice operators continue to grapple with changing tastes, demographics and expectations. Here...


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