Northwestern State University brings live music to dining hall

The Sodexo dining team recently launched Soundbites, a monthly live music series inside the school’s Iberville Dining Hall.
Eems playing at Iberville Dining hall
Loop ukulele artist Eems plays at Iberville Dining hall. | Photo courtesy of Northwestern State University

The Sodexo dining team at Northwestern State University (NSU) in Natchitoches, La., is bringing live music to its dining hall.

The team recently partnered with the school’s University Programming Council (UPC) to launch Soundbites, a series of monthly live music performances located inside the school’s Iberville Dining Hall.

The series is running from February to April and features a variety of artists playing during dinner. Last month, students enjoyed loop ukulele artist, Eems, who played renditions of popular covers and original songs.

It has been a busy start to the semester for the NSU dining team. Earlier this winter, they also launched The Inferno, a customizable concept inside Iberville that offers students a weekly rotating menu of customizable dishes including ramen and baked potatoes.



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