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Duke eliminates disposable plastic from campus eateries

Beginning this month, dining services will no longer offer items such as plastic bags and straws.


C&U Census 2018: What college and university operators are tackling now

Always trend-setting, innovating and testing the limits of their menus, college and university foodservice operators continue to grapple with changing tastes, demographics and expectations. Here's how they're doing it.

The dining team at Marshall University partnered with the school’s Office of Sustainability to purchase a cabinet from which it can source fresh herbs and microgreens.

The partnership will bring over 200 plant-focused dishes to Sodexo-operated dining facilities.

Sushi with Gusto serves fresh sushi and poke bowls to University of Georgia students and faculty.

The university aims to serve an average of 560 kids per day with its Baby Berk truck.

Students are constructing a building made of straw bales, which will be home to farm-to-table dinners hosted by Michigan Dining.

Students at six schools will be able to use the devices to enter dining halls this fall. 

Schools wouldn't be able to sell any food or beverages in foam containers.

The revamped cafe will offer study space, a food pantry and a demonstration kitchen, as well as nutrition and financial wellness programming.