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FSDs may face cost pressures from upstream supplier issues

Developments beyond the control of operators could push up prices for equipment and some supplies.


UC San Diego pushes for local retail options

Students have requested more local, independent restaurants on campus.

The winning team served a menu inspired by the Colonial era.

The lighthearted event sought to nudge students to return more than 20,000 pieces of stolen silverware.

A majority of dining employees reportedly signed union cards in favor of joining a local union.

Aramark included information on how to respond to an active shooter in its latest employee training and safety briefing.

Signature dishes from the colonies will be served during the event, a first on campus.

The station served 207 bowls in four hours, close to one bowl per minute.

Starting this summer, students will have access to chef-made meals at pop-ups, extended dining hours, food trucks and more.

It’s drafting a policy that outlines the consequences of not paying for meals.

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