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4 standout features for college dining apps

Take a look at these unique app components being offered by C&U foodservice teams.  


10 best campus dining programs

Here’s a look at some of the top C&U dining programs throughout the country, as ranked by Niche.

Take a look at some operations that are pioneering the next wave of Greek-inspired fare. 

Looking to revamp? Consider some of these ideas from operations around the country. 

Three operators shared with FoodService Director magazine the books that helped them refocus on the emotional connection to their roles.

Diverse ethnic cuisine, three-course meals and a sushi robot are just some of the amenities offered at the university’s new eatery. 

Take your program to the next level with these ideas. 

Stop congestion and keep the lines moving with these tested ideas. 

Staff at Provo School District use creative food displays to encourage healthy eating. 

Extended breakfast hours, private dining areas, a fresh produce market and more await students this school year. 

Minimal manual labor, 24-hour service and easy installation are driving vending machines’ new vogue. 

From branded burgers to bacon, this season’s eats are angling for a sales touchdown.

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