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4 health-centered takeaways from MenuDirections 2018

FSDs left the culinary event with a wealth of ideas to help implement healthy options at their operations. 


14 states that are tackling lunch shaming

Here's an inside look at which states are seeking to end the controversial practice.

Operators had a lot to say about plant-centered dining at FoodService Director’s annual MenuDirections conference.

Check out how this trendy produce prep is being incorporated into dishes.

A district manager for Sodexo shares how his teams are building rapport with parents.

The top-rated dish featured orange-glazed pork with a black bean and wild mushroom cake topped with an orange gremolata.

Promote your dining program by taking advantage of these events. 

Here’s how operators are participating in the event, which takes place March 5-9. 

Along with its tech amenities, the new space is switching from comfort food to a new plant-based menu.

The college's multiuse facility is a hit with students looking to eat and work simultaneously.

Here are the school districts with the highest breakfast participation among low-income students, based on a recent report. 

Construction will begin this summer and finish in August.

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