CDC releases new COVID-19 guidance for senior-living residents

Per the updated guidelines, vaccinated residents can resume dining in groups without masks or social distancing.
Seniors dining together.
Photograph: Shutterstock

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Tuesday released new COVID-19 guidance for senior-living and nursing home facilities. 

Under the updated guidance, residents who are fully vaccinated may resume communal dining without masks and social distancing if everyone in the dining room has been vaccinated. If unvaccinated residents are dining with vaccinated residents, all are still encouraged to wear masks, and those who are unvaccinated should also continue to social distance. 

Visitation guidance was also updated. The CDC now says that fully vaccinated family members and friends can safely visit vaccinated residents in their rooms or other private settings without social distancing or masks. Masks and social distancing should still be used when visitors are around healthcare personnel, staff, and other residents or visitors.

While the CDC recommends that both residents and visitors be fully vaccinated for visits to occur, vaccinated residents can visit unvaccinated visitors without social distancing if all parties are wearing masks. If the visitors and the residents are not vaccinated, the CDC recommends that all parties wear masks and social distance. 



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