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Chicago Schools moving forward with contract despite inquiry

CPS officials say there is currently insufficient evidence to stop process.


Chicago Schools probes school-lunch deal

Inspector general asked to investigate possible bidding process violations.

Schools says the extra fruit and vegetable servings are being thrown away.

Expanded cafeteria options helped close budget gap a little.

Community garden was started two years ago.

Foodservice shown to improve patient satisfaction scores, which increases federal funds.

Food waste is tricky in Hawaii because of the state's limited disposal capacity.

I read something a couple of weeks ago that disturbed me. Scientists are experimenting with the concept of “printing” food, using 3D printing technology. The Fab@Home Lab, at Cornell University, is testing the idea of fabricating food on a large scale.

A majority of the district's food will now be prepared in central kitchen.

District had seen decline in participation due to new school meal regulations.